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I have included three articles, a list of training methods taught by Mr. Lee Shiu Pak within this system of the Yang style, and a few movement poems from a series titled “Bone Dreaming”. These poems emerge from an ongoing collection of writings called “Images”. The "Stories" are a collection of poems dreams, stories and visions extracted from my book "T'ai Chi Ch'uan Notes."

The image writing records my personal research into the fundamentals, principles and movement dynamics of Tai Chi Ch’uan. All of the images derive directly from experiences and insights I have had while training, and from movement related dreams. They reflect my practice as a work in continual progression. I began documenting them in 1982 after I had been studying with Mr. Lee for 11 years.

At that time, my understanding of the ways of movement began to change, and often in ways that were the opposite of what I had previously thought. I questioned Mr. Lee about them. Some were affirmed and others were declared “not important”. This gave me the confidence to explore progressive approaches in my practice of Tai Chi Ch’uan, which I tested in reference to the fundamentals of the exercise and the efficiency of its martial applications. I have recorded many of these insights, and I include some of these notations in their original form. Image writing 6 has more recent entries (from 2013 onward).








Image Writing

Image Writing 6