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Bone Dreaming

The vertical spinning stillness;
ascending and descending on currents of air –
through the bone.

Body breath and Mind
Letting go of speed and embracing slowness – gravity
Giving up movement and direction ­– pulsating
Being whole and part of the whole – vacuous

Shadow Boxing
At the intersection of stillness and motion,
the corporeal shadow awakens
and inhabits the space that space contains.
Living in the contraries – both distinct and united,
the breath is the other side of the air;
the space –
of the body.

Anti Matter
The essence emerges
unwoven backward
out of the structures, feeding
back through to
the re creation of the heart.

In Congruity (for David Saxe)
Having been and becoming,
Reflecting and revealing the other side;
Being still
the same place.

From a collection of movement poems, © Sam Slutsky 1993 to 2011.