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White shirt photos


exercise sequence

Tiger series

Family gathering in Montreal. June 30, 1996
Play the Pipa
Jade lady works at shuttles
Cloud hands
Montreal and New York groups. Nov. 1994.
T'ai Chi exercise names
T'ai Chi movements
Accupressure massage course charts
Mr. Lee Shiu Pak's Calligraphy
Mr. Lee's drawings
Victoria school gym, 1977
Summer gathering. Early 1980's
Monday night class, Sept. 07
Wolfville. NS. group. May 2008
Columbus, Ohio group. Nov. 2007
Staff form seminar, 1993
Toronto T'ai Chi group, June 08
Toronto medicine study group, June 08
Montreal summer seminar, July 08
Marion, OH. group; Oct. 08
Montreal Summer Seminar, July 09
Montreal Summer Seminar July, 2010